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Statewide campaign to fix Arizona’s tax code launches today

Statewide campaign to fix Arizona’s tax code launches today The Fair Share Campaign begins work on fixing a broken tax...

Senate GOP Tax Plan Devastating for Arizona’s Teachers

Further analysis has confirmed that the Senate GOP tax plan would be incredibly harmful to Arizona’s teachers. According to data...

Just like the House GOP Plan, the Senate GOP Tax Plan is Another Handout to the Wealthiest Households and Large Corporations

Newly published data shows that the new Senate GOP tax plan isn’t much better than the House GOP tax plan...

With Further Analysis Completed, it’s Time to Call the GOP Tax Plan What It Is: Welfare for the Wealthy

A 50-state analysis of the House tax plan released last week reveals that in Arizona the wealthiest 1% of Arizonans...

Good Deal or Bad Math for Arizona? We Fear the Latter

Arizona Center for Economic Progress implores Senators McCain and Flake to ask the hard questions about Trump’s tax plan “The...

Phoenix-Based Think Tank Arizona Center For Economic Progress Launches

A new Phoenix-based think tank officially launched Thursday. The Arizona Center for Economic Progress is a project of Children’s Action...

A warning to Arizona on income-tax cuts: ‘Don’t do what Kansas did’

As a new legislative session is set to start in Arizona, a cautionary tale comes from Kansas, where deep tax...

Arizona Center for Economic Progress Begins Statewide Collaboration, Work

(Phoenix, AZ) - More than 75 community leaders gathered in central Phoenix today to launch the Arizona Center for Economic...


We spend less on education, infrastructure, and other public services than we did 11 years ago. Why? Because we gave too much to the corporations and didn't invest in AZ families #PlayFairAZ

Elliott Hibbs on how we can hold corporations accountable:
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