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Many Lawmakers Continued Choosing Tax Cuts Over Education in 2019

Almost 30 consecutive years of annual tax cuts at the State Capitol have reduced state revenues by $5.1 billion when adjusted for inflation.  The real impact can be seen in many areas of Arizona’s state budget that are critical to Arizona’s future and economic growth, such as K-12 public education, community colleges, and universities, all of which are still receiving less annual funding today than a decade ago.

The 2019 legislative session presented state lawmakers with many opportunities to choose between securing the revenue Arizona needs for a strong future or continue down the path of underfunding important needs by passing more tax cuts. In almost every instance, lawmakers chose more tax cuts over securing more revenue for education, affordable housing, child care and other needs.

We are pleased to share with you our  legislative wrap-up and report card. We hope it will help connect-the-dots to why Arizona continues to struggle to find the revenue to invest in the priorities many Arizonans care about.

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