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Post Election: It’s Time to Work Together for a Stronger Arizona for All

Now that all of the political ads have disappeared from our television screens and the candidate signs are being removed from our roadways, Arizonans are anxious to know what actions they can expect to see at the State Capitol in 2019 to help them move up the economic ladder.

Regardless of party affiliation, what most Arizonans care about is having money in their own pockets, having a quality public school in their neighborhood, being able to afford the cost of a college education to get a degree or new job skills, being able to afford childcare, housing and healthcare, and having communities with safe roads and clean water to sustain our growing population.  Arizonans have now elected the people they feel will best deliver on those expectations and very soon it will be time for these new lawmakers to get to work.  There are certainly no shortage of issues for them to address.

  • Arizona’s public schools still have $843 million less in annual state funding than a decade ago which has led to an ongoing teacher shortage crisis, overcrowded classrooms, outdated textbooks and technology and deteriorating school facilities.
  • Almost three decades of tax cuts have caused increased reliance on the state sales tax to fund state priorities leading to one of the most regressive state tax systems in the nation. While Arizona is a low tax state overall, a recent report found that the lowest income 20 percent of Arizona taxpayers pay the sixth highest state and local tax bill for this income group in the country.
  • Tax credits cost the state budget $393 million in fiscal year 2017 and have been growing fast with virtually no accountability once they are in law. Because many unused tax credits are allowed to be carried-forward into future years, there is currently a $1.2 billion balance in carry-forward tax credits that can hit the state budget at any time.
  • No state has cut more from post-secondary education than Arizona. State funding for universities is down 35% since 2008 and tuition is up 113% and state funding for Maricopa and Pima community college systems has been eliminated.
  • Arizona state government is the state’s largest employer, employing more than 32,000 Arizonans full-time. Yet, most rank-and-file state employees have not received a pay raise in more than a decade.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with our new leaders on these issues and more in 2019 and we hope you will join us in that effort as we work together for a stronger Arizona that provides for an educated, skilled workforce, quality jobs and thriving communities for all Arizonans.

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